Neil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass Player
Roy Adams
Roy Adams

Waiting for an Alibi

14th Apr 2011

Do your Sundays feel a bit "dull and lifeless"? Are you stuck in the same old groove of Sky football, church going or a trolley dash round Asda?

If so, it may be time to change thIngs up a little... But instead of jet washing the cat, worming the mother-in-law, or taking the wheelie bin for a nice little trip out, why not spend a Sunday afternoon strolling around scenic Warwick, before heading down to Alibi's Bar and Restaurant. Enjoy a meal and a drink or two in the company of Dangerous Dave Rea (vocals and guitar), Roy Adams (drums), and Neil (bass), who'll provide a bluesy, jazzy alternative to "Sing Something Simple" — it's the new groove you've been waiting for!

So go on then....come and see some old relics and have a look at Warwick as well!

Dangerous Dave Rea's Alibi are playing every Sunday, from early evening till late, at Alibi, 62 Market Place, Warwick CV34 4SD.


        Actually, don't bother. Alibi closed down in July 2011!