Neil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass Player

Pedals and more pedals!

1st Feb 2010

Musicians have always sought ways to modify, augment or downright mangle the sound of their instruments with the use of special effects, often by means of effects pedals. These are little multi-coloured, often hand painted boxes, fitted/adorned with knobs, switches or faders that can create an endless combination of strange sounds such as echos, reverb, distortion, flanging(!) and pitch shifting, to name but a few.

Who can resist such exotically named devices as Electro-Harmonix's "Big Muff", "Wiggler", "Hog" or "Electric Mistress", Dod's "Gonkulator", Crowther's "Prunes & Custard", the Pigtronix "Disnortion", Moog's "Moogerfooger Freq Box", the masculine sounding Akai "Deep Impact", Zvex "Woolly Mammoth", Damage Control "Womanizer" and a personal favourite, Lovetone's "Ring Stinger"!

Occasionally, it has even been known for these devices to be used for making music.