Neil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass Player

Last of the summer wine....

24th Dec 2011

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Roy Wood....

Following QuoFest, with Status Quo, Roy and Kim Wilde, the final Roy Wood's Rock And Roll Band concert of the year was at the sold out Holmfirth Picturedrome on Wednesday 21st December 2011.

Holmfirth is famous for being the location of the BBC's "Last Of The Summer Wine" sitcom. The story of old men meandering around.... hmmm.... sound familiar?

Compo and Clegg were nowhere to be seen in the audience...

            The picture below shows the stage background scenery, a leftover from the previous nights Cinderella panto! Highly appropriate?

            Holmfirth Picturedrome at soundcheck.
            Holmfirth Picturedrome at soundcheck.