Neil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass Player

The Clinton Administration Plays Tag

11th Jul 2010

In the mid '90's, Neil began a World/Jazz fusion songwriting project, jokingly callled "The Clinton Administration" (not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name), with multi-instrumentalists Clinton Beale and Steve Bolton. The project was shelved when Steve moved permanently to Bali, and most of the tunes, which had never been properly recorded, were forgotten.

On a return visit years later, Steve played Clinton and Neil a rough "live" demo of a tune recorded by the band with the working title "Tag", that he had discovered on an old cassette.

When Neil was considering material for his solo album, this piece came to mind. It was finally recorded properly fifteen years after it was originally conceived, with the help of original project member Clinton on guitar/guitar synth, Neil on 7 string midi bass and Ian Palmer on drums.

No keyboards were hurt in the making of this recording!

Check it out on the "listen" page.