Neil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass PlayerNeil Simpson, Bass Player

Band Names

1st May 2010

Two bands Neil was involved with in the earlier part of his musical career were called "Gobbler" and "Breast Cancer". Needless to say, neither band performed very much.

Tony Levin, world renowned bassist with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, wrote in his excellent book "Beyond The Bass Clef":

"How many band meetings have there been, throughout the ages, to choose a band name? In my experience, far too many. You never find an ideal name that way — what one person loves, another scorns. Soon everyone is too embarrassed to suggest even one that he likes, except the guy who is too insensitive to ever be embarrassed and comes up with a string of terrible names. Soon things deteriorate into joke names. You finally choose a name that nobody loves but nobody hates. It's a miracle that bands ever name themselves."

Such a meeting was held down the pub a few weeks ago with Neil and members of a new musical project, Lee McManus and Will Morris. Having already gigged on at least half a dozen occasions, the band felt it was time to "name the beast". After the usual bout of band member surname acronyms, terrible and joke names, the life saving "Band Name Maker" web site was consulted. Such ideas as:

Experience Of Hideous
Abducted Mine
Sinister Skanky
Crown Fiction
Lucifer Of The Hamburger
Massage Defaulted
Week Ostrich
Grip School
After Fart And The West
House Weasel
Falling Lee McManus Of The Deluded Balls
Lee McManus Of Llama
Hot Lee McManus
Lee McManus Obscurity
Huge Lee McManus
Lee McManus Of The Impotent Person
Lee McManus Weed
McManus Socket
McManus Of The Retard
McManus Sympathy
Reduced McManus And The Barnacle
McManus Claw Of The Necrotic Experience
Micro Sadness Marshmallow
Manifesto Slang Mayhem
Marooned Step-mom Muppet
Mechanic Skid Mango
Moist Sprinkle Matador
Monthly Smoke Mediocrity
Moaning Shirt Moon
Much Search Mojo
Max Storm Monster
Moody Sleet Mixture

were considered and rejected.

The "Lee McManus Band" was settled on.