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Johnny Pugh
If you go down...
10th August 2013 6:24pm

Renowned bass and drum duo, Robbie Shakespear and Sly Dunbar, have played for virtually every prominent Jamaican musical artist from Beenie Man to Sean Paul to Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Gregory...

Snapshot Of Reality
Keith Thompson Band live album
7th March 2012

Keith Thompson has released a live album on Swiss label, Brambus. The new CD features Neil on bass and long time partner in crime, Roy Adams on drums.Here is the Brambus press release:KEITH...

Roy Wood: I
Last of the summer wine....
24th December 2011 4:35pm

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Roy Wood....Following QuoFest, with Status Quo, Roy and Kim Wilde, the final Roy Wood's Rock And Roll Band concert of the year was at the sold out...

The Hairy Bikers
Hairy Bikers
23rd December 2011 7:12pm

Just before Christmas, Neil appeared on the BBC 2''s Hairy Bikers show. Hosted by celebrity chefs David Myers and Simon "Si" King, their Christmas Party Special was screened at 8pm...

QuoFestive 2011
Quofestive 2011
20th December 2011 12:19pm

Following the success of the 2009 Status Quo/Roy Wood Christmas tour, it was decided to do it all over again, this time joined by Kim Wllde.Each night Kim opened the show, followed by Roy...

A happy customer
Special Festive T-shirt offer!
1st December 2011 1:33am

To coincide with the annual Roy Wood Christmas gigs, Neil has brought out a limited run of seasonal designer T shirts bearing the logo "SANTA CLAUS IS DEAD". Black with white lettering...

Bad Press "promo" shot!
Bad Press
20th November 2011 1:30pm

Here is the official "press release" and promo picture for new (old?) band "Bad Press":Welcome to "Bad Press"...... Classic pub rock n blues presented as...

Climax Blues
Climax in Switzerland November 2011
15th November 2011 8:20pm

Climax Blues Band, with Neil on bass, played the following gigs as part of a short tour of Austria and Switzerland:Altes Kino, Rankweil, Austria — Nov 8, 2011Music Gallery, Pratteln...

Diva 1
Marleaux Diva
13th August 2011 9:35pm

Friday 12th August. Neil took delivery of a Marleaux "Diva" 5 string fretless bass tuned E to C. For all you bass geeks out there:Technical SpecsPadouk neckOiled Brazilian rosewood...

Keith Thompson Band Umag 14/7/2011
16th July 2011 6:52pm

Thursday 14th July 2011: The Keith Thompson Band, featuring Keith on vocals and lead guitar, Patsy Gamble on saxophone, Roy Adams on drums and Neil on bass, played a...

Status Quo and Roy Wood Rock and Roll Band
Status Quo / Roy Wood / Kim Wilde
13th May 2011 4:04pm

Roy Wood's Rock And Roll Band (with Neil on bass) are once again joining the mighty Status Quo as guests on their 2011 "Quofest" winter tour. Kim Wilde completes the line up.The gig...

Fuzzy Duck
Duck Fuzzy (Fuzzy Duck)
2nd May 2011 9:25am

Never one to waste a good bassline, website introduction page/MySpace jingle "Duck Fuzzy" features the same odd bassline as Neil's tune "Blu C Red".Anybody...

Chris Cook
Country Cookin'
16th April 2011 11:26am

Thursday 14th April 2011: Neil played bass at "BlueFunk at Poynton WMC" with U.S. singer/songwriter and ace guitarist Chris Cook to an appreciative...

Waiting for an Alibi
14th April 2011 7:19pm

Do your Sundays feel a bit "dull and lifeless"? Are you stuck in the same old groove of Sky football, church going or a trolley dash round Asda?If so, it may be time to change thIngs up...

Warwick 6-1
Warwick 6 string bass C003
2nd March 2011 5:37pm

This is one for the bass geeks out there!Neil's main gigging instrument during the late 80's and 90's was a Warwick 6 string bass, with the serial number C003. A friend of Neil's...

Blu C Red
16th February 2011 12:24pm

This is the title of one of Neil's tunes that was going to be, er, a blues song...Having been involved in the British blues scene for many years — with Climax Blues Band and John Mayall's...

Climax Blues
Climax B side the C side II
10th February 2011 8:04pm

Friday 28th January 2011: Carrying on the tradition of seaside-themed gigs, Climax Blues Band (with Neil on bass) played at the Rock and Blues Festival, Butlins (yes!), Skegness. Over 7000 people...

Robin Jones
Zoot Suite!
7th January 2011 5:20pm

Zoot Suite was the name of a mid '80's jazz/funk/fusion band featuring Chris Gumbley on saxophone and keyboards, Robin Jones on guitar, Steve Bolton on drums, and Neil on bass. After...

Tsunami 1980
1st December 2010 7:15pm

John Sinclair (guitar), Billy Sutton (keys), Brendan Day (drums) and Bill Middleton (bass & guitar) were 70's jazz rock band, Tsunami. Playing classic Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra and...

Happy winner of Lester's guitar give-away contest at Morecambe
Climax B side the C side
30th November 2010 12:29pm

26th November 2010: Climax Blues Band performed to an enthusiastic audience at The Platform in Morecambe. Regular drummer Roy Adams was unavailable, so Birmingham's Ian Palmer was drafted in at...

Keith Thompson Band in Coatia, 29/10/2010
Keith Thompson in Croatia
1st November 2010 6:17pm

Friday 29th October: The Keith Thompson Band (Keith — lead vocals/guitar; Patsy Gamble — sax/backing vocals; Roy Adams — drums; Neil — bass) played in Rijeka...

Percy Jones
Reading gig
27th September 2010 12:06pm

Q: How do you get an bass guitarist to turn down his amp ?A: Put a piece of sheet music in front of him.All musicians have funny stories but this one really strikes a chord. The following exercpt...

Soundcheck time in Bejar. The building in the background, built in 1711, was used as the dressing room.
Load of bull...
18th July 2010 5:25pm

Saturday, 17th July 2010, 2am: After a fourteen hour journey the previous day (isn't the music business glamorous!) , Climax Blues Band took the stage at the Bejar Blues Festval near Salamanca...

Clinton Beale
The Clinton Administration Plays
11th July 2010 4:57pm

In the mid '90's, Neil began a World/Jazz fusion songwriting project, jokingly callled "The Clinton Administration" (not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name)...

The drenched Northampton crowd from the stage
Bizarre Gigs No. 1
14th June 2010 5:21pm

Sunday 13th June: Roy Wood's Rock And Roll Band (with Neil on bass) headlined Northampton's Market Square Music Festival. Attended by thousands of people, the line-up included The Levellers...

Neil and new Sei bass
New Sei bass completed
4th May 2010 8:30pm

Neil's long awaited Sei bass has finally been completed after fifteen months, and was collected on 29th April from The Bass Gallery in Camden. The five string bass, made by luthier Martin...

Lee McManus
Band Names
1st May 2010 10:26pm

Two bands Neil was involved with in the earlier part of his musical career were called "Gobbler" and "Breast Cancer". Needless to say, neither band performed very...

The Chapel
Bricks Unlaid
11th April 2010 6:09pm

The lyrics and vocals to the song "Bricks Unlaid" (check out the "listen" page) are by Stafford-based singer songwriter http://www.gillienic...

Alphonso Johnson
7th March 2010 5:05pm

In the late 1970's jazz rock pioneer and bassist Alphonso Johnson used a very elaborate, custom-built rack effects and switching system to create new and interesting...

Clinton Beale playing his "Fujooku".
15th February 2010 9:46am

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A shakuhachi? A fujara ? A digderidoo? A Fujooku is the newly patented brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Clinton Beale. It is a single U-shaped pipe, constructed from...

Mmmmm, pedals... Need more!
Pedals and more pedals!
1st February 2010 8:17pm

Musicians have always sought ways to modify, augment or downright mangle the sound of their instruments with the use of special effects, often by means of effects pedals. These are little...

the wood
New bass nearly ready
23rd January 2010 2:47pm

It's been a year in the making but has definitely been worth the wait! A new five string midi Sei bass built by Camden based luthier Martin Petersen is almost ready for collection.For all you...

Climax Switerland Jan 2010
Climax Blues Band in Switzerland
23rd January 2010 11:33am

Braving Toblerone, heavy snow and freezing conditions, Climax Blues band, with Neil on bass, performed two concerts in Switzerland at the following venues:29th January 2010: Silex Go Easy CH -...

The new album is on its way
14th January 2010 12:07am

About time too...Yes, finally after five years, Neil's eagerly awaited (at least by his Mum) first solo album is soon to be released and should be winging its way to your local music store by...

Status Quo and Roy Wood Rock and Roll Band
Status Quo/Roy Wood tour 2009
1st January 2010 5:52pm

Roy Wood's Rock and Roll band shared the stage with the mighty Status Quo on the UK stadium leg of their 2009 tour. A great time was had by all.The video clip is of Roy and the band at Wembley...

Colin Cooper
Colin Cooper Memorial Concert
14th May 2009 9:49pm

A memorial concert for Climax Blues Band frontman Colin Cooper was held at The Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford, on Thursday 16th April 2009. Colin sadly died on 3rd July 2008 following a long battle...

John Mayall
23rd February 2009 12:03pm

Following Climax Blues Band's 1999 German tour with John Mayall and his legendary Bluesbreakers, Neil unexpectedly became a Bluesbreaker himself in 2000. Eric Clapton — rock legend and another...