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Blu C Red -
Blu C Red - Neil Simpson

"Blu C Red". Vix Vox — vocals; Clinton Beale — guitars; Chris Gumbley — saxes; Ian Palmer — drums; Neil — basses/midi bass.

If U Go Down
If U Go Down (to the woods today) - Neil Simpson

"If U Go Down (to the woods today)" — 7" mix(!) Johnny Pugh and Vix Vox — vocals; Neil — basses/midi bass.

Hope/The Riv
Hope/The River - Neil Simpson

"Hope/The River". Tijhs Jordan — vocals, Dave Day and Rick Sandford — guitars, Neil on basses/midi bass.

Hartwell Gro
Hartwell Grover - Neil Simpson

"Hartwell Grover". Robin Jones — guitar, Chris Gumbley — saxes, Roy Adams — drums, Neil — basses/midi bass.

Thoughts - N
Thoughts - Neil Simpson

"Thoughts". Chris Gumbley on sax, Neil on electric upright bass.

The Clinton
The Clinton Administration Plays Tag - Neil Simpson

"The Clinton Administration Plays Tag". Clinton Beale on guitar/guitar synth; Ian Palmer on drums; Neil on bass/midi bass.

Duet For Fuj
Duet For Fujooku And Four String Piccolo - Neil Simpson

"Duet For Fujooku And Four String Piccolo Bass" featuring Clinton Beale on home made plumbing implement!

Bricks Unlai
Bricks Unlaid - Neil Simpson

Gillie Nicholls and Neil Simpson with a vocal and fretless bass duet entitled "Bricks Unlaid".

The Power Of
The Power Of Love - Keith Thompson

"The Power Of Love", taken from Keith Thompson's new live album "Snapshot Of Reality".

Blue On Blue
Blue On Blue - Keith Thompson

"Blue On Blue" from Keith Thompson's solo album "Independence".

Shadow - Gil
Shadow - Gill Whitehurst

Gill Whitehurst penned track, "Shadow", from her first solo album "Green And The Living Crown".

Call For Lov
Call For Love - Gillie Nicholls

"Call For Love" from Gillie Nicholls second solo album "Vital Signs".

DuckFuzzy (I
DuckFuzzy (Intro) - Neil Simpson

Duck Fuzzy (Fuzzy Duck). Neil on assorted basses.